Direx Solutions is a global firm of trusted expert advisers in transport and logistics

Operating worldwide from bases in London, Dubai, Sydney and Toronto, we provide strategic advisory and consultancy services that transform transport businesses.

We support all modes of transport – air, water, road and rail – and are experts in infrastructure, vehicles and operations for each mode.

It takes real-world experience of transport operations and high-level management – as well as well-honed consultancy skills – to get quickly to the heart of problems, whose underlying causes are sometimes hidden, and to help transport businesses rise to the challenges they are facing.

Each of our 300-plus associates worldwide is a proven expert in their field. Their knowledge and insight and our carefully assembled teams enable Direx Solutions to deliver world-class outcomes for our clients. The business-critical challenges we help them resolve include commercial risk management, organisational change, process reengineering, governance, performance improvement, and operations management.

We work with a diverse spectrum of clients and partners: government departments and agencies; regulatory bodies; airport, maritime, road, rail and logistics operators; investors; manufacturers; and international contractors and consultants.

Our clients and partners

“Our team of knowledgeable and experienced associates are committed to delivering innovative solutions. We have a positive, practical and can-do ethos and provide a personal service tailored to each client’s individual needs. That focus and loyalty to the client, our consistently exceptional standards of service and, above all, the results we deliver, set us apart.”


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