Direx Solutions is a global firm of trusted expert advisers in transport and logistics

For nearly 20 years, Direx Solutions has been a leading adviser on investment and business strategy. We work with transport and logistics clients around the world, helping them to address critical challenges, realise high-value opportunities, and transform their organisations so they are more effective and competitive.


The advice we give is practical and geared to achieving world-class results – and we help clients put it into practice. Whether planning, financing or implementing large or small projects, we draw on a bank of knowledge and foresight provided by more than 300 specialists, each with a proven track record in their respective field of expertise.

Collectively, that expertise is wide-ranging. Individually, our consultants bring highly specialised, industry-tested skills to the team. This blend is crucial in helping our clients devise innovative technical, commercial, management and investment strategies – and in implementing them successfully.

Our comprehensive skillset spans two notably challenging areas: developing Public-Private Partnership (PPP) expertise within both government and private organisations, and supporting complex procurement projects – from the preparation of bids, proposals and tenders, to evaluation, negotiations and contract awards. We bring outstanding individuals into these project-critical roles.


Our aim is always to embed our expertise within your organisation. We pride ourselves on being able to work as part of a diverse team. True partnership working with clients builds trust, helps reveal the underlying causes of problems that inevitably arise within organisations, and crucially, shapes solutions that are successful and sustainable. As part of this process our people seek to transfer knowledge and seed innovation. The results this approach has returned for our clients prove that working together accomplishes more.


Given our laser focus on results, we measure our own success by our clients’. That requires getting to the crux of even the most intractable problems and identifying the changes that are critical to realise market opportunities. Therefore, our commitment is always to delivering ‘the right thing’ rather than the ‘easy thing’ or template solutions. By focusing on what our clients really need, we plot, and can guide, the course of action to achieve the best possible outcome.







At Direx Solutions our way of working has always been to share the lessons learned – from our experience and each assignment. This transparent approach underpins clients’ trust in our methods.

We develop relationships based on trust by being truthful and fair, and accountable for our performance. Always maintaining our focus on results reinforces that loyalty to clients and all our values. These are not only principles we hold higher than our business goals, but an integral part of how our organisation operates.


Want to know more about how we transform our clients’ businesses with innovative solutions? Contact us now to discuss your specific challenges, needs and desired outcomes.