TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA  – Canada has widespread infrastructure plans and UK business experience in this field is highly valued. With the two countries enjoying well established trade links, Direx Solutions has established a permanent presence in Mississauga, Ontario to serve its clients.

The country, the world’s second largest by area, offers a significant pipeline of opportunity for UK companies, with relationships built on a long and proud history of working together.

“UK businesses are respected in Canada and are recognised for long-term market experience, thought leadership, and specialised technical and advisory services. Our ability to deliver world-class outcomes and resolve business-critical challenges provides a solid base on which to build our strategic advisory business in Canada,” said Jonathan Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, who founded the company almost 20 years ago.

“We are also grateful for the support that our UK partners, Crossrail International, have provided to Direx Solutions, helping to further consolidate our Canadian practice with recent wins and providing teaming opportunities for new work,” added Jonathan.

Over the past 12 months, Direx Solutions and Crossrail International, a UK Government-owned specialist advisory practice, have developed a close, mutually beneficial working relationship that provides a demonstrable differentiator for the Canadian infrastructure market.

Paul Dyson, Crossrail International’s Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to team with Direx Solutions, helping them to position, tender and deliver work. The creative and focused approach to our working relationship has provided a platform of trust and respect as we continue to explore opportunities together and where our joint offer provides a significant ‘value-add’ to our clients’ businesses.”

Crossrail International’s considerable influence and network within UK Government, notably the Department for International Trade, also assists with networking and introducing new opportunities.

“Our success to date shows how the UK can provide international clients with access to significant levels of capability to deliver commissions. We look forward to expanding our operations in Toronto and to future successes together,” added Jonathan.


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